Oil Spill Containment Booms

Open Net Oil Absorbent Booms

Our Open Net Oil Absorbent Booms represent the best available solution for open sea applications. Suitable for crude oil spills, they are designed to withstand heavy seas and incorporate the very latest hydrophobic technology, resulting in a boom that only absorbs oil and not water. The added benefit of this technology means that even when the boom is saturated with oil, it will not sink.



The open net booms are manufactured using strands of meltblown polypropylene encapsulated within marine compatible nylon netting coupled to high tensile draw cords with marine grade carabina linking clips. The angular nature of the fill product provide natural voids for the maximum absorption of viscous oils.

Multiple booms can be joined with our overlapping linkage system enabling booms to be joined together in seconds to quickly capture an entire spill.


Open Net Oil Absorbent Boom Specifications

13 cm
3 metres
Quantity Per Pack
Pack Absorbs
120 Litres
Price from
£86.00 per pack




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